Mission Statement:

We are on a mission to transform professional learning experiences for early childhood educators. We believe that learning should be fun, engaging, and full of laughter. Our authentic workshops spark joy and reconnect teachers with their inner child, empowering them to bring playfulness and creativity back into their classrooms.

Our Story:

At UNprofessional Development, we challenge the status quo of traditional professional development. Founded by Ron Shuali, our organization was born from a desire to make learning an enjoyable and transformative experience. With over 15 years of expertise, we’ve crafted programs that not only educate but also inspire and entertain. We aim to create a community where educators can thrive, innovate, and rediscover their passion for teaching.

Our Approach:

  • Engaging Workshops: Our sessions are designed to be interactive and fun, ensuring participants are fully involved and enjoying themselves.
  • Practical Tools: We provide actionable strategies that teachers can immediately implement in their classrooms.
  • Innovative Methods: By incorporating elements of play, creativity, and mindfulness, we offer a unique approach to professional development.

About The Founder

Ron Shuali M.Ed.

Ron Shuali, M.Ed, has spent over 15 years working and presenting in the education field. He’s a best-selling author, known for his award-winning book “Breaking the Bullying Circle” and “Building the 21st Century Child.” As a top motivational speaker and presenter, Ron brings his expertise to schools and conferences across the nation, captivating audiences from preschool through middle school. His talks are engaging, funny, and packed with valuable insights that make people laugh, listen, and learn.

Ron’s journey in martial arts began at age 12 with five years of Tae Kwon Do. While attending Rutgers University, he studied Wu Shu Kung Fu. After graduating, he earned a Black Belt in American Freestyle Karate and began studying Hung Gar Kung Fu, followed by Isshinryu Karate. At 25, Ron started practicing Yoga and Reiki, discovering the importance of breathing in every art form. Combining the strengths of martial arts with the calm of yoga and Reiki, Ron created “Yogarate,” becoming the first Yensei (Yogi/Sensei).

Currently, he travels all over the world teaching preschool teachers his Behavior Mastery system and helping them connect to their inner child. His deep understanding of the mind has led to the creation of innovative, award-winning programs that inspire and entertain.

Ron’s experience in stand-up comedy, improvisational theater, and professional wrestling helps him engage, excite, and educate his audiences. He doesn’t just speak; he creates memorable experiences. Through storytelling and humor, Ron effectively teaches new techniques and concepts, leaving his audience excited and ready to apply what they’ve learned.

With Ron, no one watches the clock. His presentations are not just talks; they are experiences that everyone enjoys and remembers.